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Dawn (10,399 words) plus Commentary

Before you can be good at writing, you have to be bad at writing. This story is an excellent example of me being bad at writing, and having a great time while doing it. Below the story are the comments I received from the judge of the contest I submitted this story to. Practice, criticism and […]

I’m Bad at My Job (Repost)

This is a repost of an essay I wrote back in April, then took down when I thought better of it. Although I no longer work in the place that made me feel this way, maybe some of you will recognize yourselves in these words. The last thing I ever thought I would be is […]

I’m Tired of This

It’s 1:59 AM. There are police cars outside of my apartment again. Their blue and red light is splashing in from beneath the blinds as my girlfriend sleeps in the room. I don’t know if she heard the six gunshots forty minutes earlier. She sleeps with earplugs to block out my monstrous snoring, so perhaps […]

A Way of Life

I. One thing Sarah hates about Todd is that he’s always late. She’s been sitting at McKinney’s for half an hour. She’s watching a basketball game between Duke and Kentucky, not quite sure which team is which. A man with a neatly trimmed goatee and too much Calvin Klein is trying to explain the intricacies […]

Our Patreon Link is Live!

Gene Glotzer and I started this blog almost a year ago. In our friendly discussions, we often found that our opinions on many topics didn’t fit into the traditional political and social categories, and we assumed that most other people’s don’t either. We began Nutmegger Daily as a way to share our writing with an […]

Quick Thoughts on MOAB and the U.S. Military

I was listening to the Radiolab podcast yesterday, and they were discussing the history of presidential authority regarding the use of nuclear weapons (specifically, whether there was any check on the President’s authority to order a nuclear strike). Harry Truman had no idea about the atomic bomb until he became President, and the authority to […]

The Need to Know

On April 10th, 2017, around fifty five million children, from pre-school through high school, went to school. At least one of them didn’t make it home that day. Jonathan Martinez, eight years old, was killed when Cedric Anderson shot him. He shot and killed his wife, Elaine Smith, and wounded another student before killing himself. This appears […]

Identity Politics Don’t Work

I had to get slightly buzzed at a pub with a friend I’ve known since elementary school to finally feel comfortable enough to say out loud what I’ve been thinking recently: “Identity politics is bullshit.” Even then I half-whispered it, despite being in a room full of people who were too drunk to care. In […]

Stop What You’re Doing and Write Something

Yes, you. Right now. Stop reading this and write something. Words connect us across time and space, class and race, culture and gender. I can’t talk to Frederick Douglass because he’s dead. I can’t visit Pompeii because it was destroyed. I can’t see a dodo bird because they’re extinct. But I can read about all […]

Back, Into The Light (Part 1)

I’ve wanted to try writing fantasy again, and I’ve also wanted to write a serialized story. So here it is, my serialized fantasy story! Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Without further ado, onto Part 1! Back, Into The Light (Part 1) “Tell me a secret. Something you’ve never told anyone.” Even when he whispered, the gravelly heaviness […]