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Foreign Policy with Jam Stunna: What Does “Great Power Competition” Mean?

It’s been a little bit of time since my last post in this series, but I want to be more consistent in writing about these topics. So today’s post is about a phrase that has been thrown around alot in the last few years: great power competition.* Basically, great power competition is political, economic and […]


I’ve had a complicated relationship with my mother, as many children do. There were alot of problems, but the biggest one was that we’re too much alike. A surefire way to generate conflict is to put two smartasses together under the same roof, for years at a time, and under extraordinary amounts of stress. I […]

I Don’t Really Want Anything

Before I start, I want to acknowledge Anne Peterson’s piece How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation and Tiana Clark’s piece This is What Black Burnout Feels Like. This essay isn’t exactly a response to those writers, but reading their works helped me to finally focus this essay, which I’ve tried to write many times with […]

My New BFF is Two Years Old

Being a parent is hard. You’re literally responsible for another human being’s survival, but that’s not all. You also have to help them become a person- teach them about sharing, fairness, following the rules and listening to elders. Then you have to balance that against encouraging them to pursue their individuality, protect themselves, ask for […]

Summertime Fine: The Playlist

I usually listen to music when I’m writing. It helps me drown out what’s going on around me, and can help me get into the right mood depending on the subject I’m writing about. I listened to a lot of music while writing this essay. These are the ten songs I came back to the […]

Summertime Fine, Finale: The Circle of Life

I’ve already written about what happened that weekend, so I won’t bore you with the details again. I only wrote about how Rose and I stopped seeing each other, but not why. We were together on Friday night, joking and asking each other questions. She asked me what the craziest thing I’d ever done sexually […]

Summertime Fine, Part IV: I Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

After the flurry of dates in late August and early September, things settled down into a stable routine. I would text with Adaku and see Rose once or twice a week. We went to the batting cages, to a restaurant with live jazz, a sound healing session and other unconventional dates. I loved experiencing new […]

Summertime Fine, Part III: Double Duty (2 of 2)

Adaku and I had been continuing to text and talk on the phone as the weeks progressed. I liked her a lot, but if conflicting schedules made seeing Rose difficult, seeing Adaku was almost impossible. Not only were we both working, but she also lived in a different state. That had come up early in […]

Summertime Fine, Part III: Double Duty (1 of 2)

My father has described Ragland men as “late bloomers.” There’s probably no better way to describe my dating history. Sure, I was married by 21, but getting married is kind of easy- all you have to do is ask. My ex-wife and I had barely dated when I proposed to her, and I had almost […]

Summertime Fine, Part II: Wakeup Reversal

I wrote in the last post that I don’t believe in the metaphysical, although a lot of what I’ve experienced since the summer may feel like there’s some hand guiding things. In reality, if you spend enough time on dating apps, send enough “Hey, how are you?” messages, hit on enough of your friends and […]