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What to write about My idea jar is empty I’m left with nothing *** Alone with my thoughts In this case means all alone The thoughts won’t join me *** I have a blank screen That wants to be filled with words But words will not come Share This:

December 2018

Last December, I made a post a day for the month. I decided to try it again this year. And the good news is that Jamil is going to try to join me. I’m not as confident this year as I was last year. Last year we had a new Star Wars movie to generate […]

The White Suicide Attack Threat Will Get Much Worse

The massacre at Thousand Oaks Bar last night gives us yet another instance to talk about the plague of mass shootings which have become standard for Americans. But instead of falling into the same arguments about gun control, mental illness, and white supremacy, I want to think about this in terms of what it means […]

How I Lost my Dream Job

  George Will is one of my favorite writers. I almost never agree with what he has to say (although, to be fair, I’ve been pleasantly surprised when we do agree), but I love the quality and arrogance of his style. Will isn’t particularly concerned if you understand the words he uses, and in fact, […]

The End is Here

I didn’t think much about water until my friend started talking about it. We were sharing doomsday scenarios about the future of humanity, and I checked off the usuals- climate change, nuclear war, etc. He mentioned water, and the fact that huge swaths of the global population either does not have access to clean water […]

Running (Or “17 Year-Old Jamil Would Kick My Ass”)

Today was the first time I’ve gone running in over fifteen years. First of all, it’s crazy to me that I’m old enough to say that it’s been fifteen years since I’ve done anything. I was on the cross country team and the indoor track team during my senior year of high school, and it was the […]


A Feeling That I Never Knew by Anonymous I still remember how you used to kiss me.. One kiss was never enough, You had to kiss my forehead, each cheek, my nose, and finally my lips.. That was my favorite… There was something about you… A flame in your eyes and a tenderness to your […]

Black Women and Community College

The overwhelming majority of students I tutor at my job are Black women. Part of that is the nature of the work- you develop a rapport with students and they come back to you. But even the one-off students who just need a second set of eyes before they submit a paper are typically Black […]

This Too Shall Pass

I just smelled your pillow. Or is it back to being my pillow already? It’s still your side of the bed. It was my side. Sleeping next to the wall. But you told me that you liked that side of the bed. And I liked you. So it became yours. I don’t want to lie […]

Defending the Essay as a Form

“What is an essay?” One of my friends asked me that question when I explained my goal to write an essay every day until my birthday. I knew what I was writing were essays, but I didn’t really know what that word meant. After grappling with a definition for a moment, I finally said, “It’s […]