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Solo: A Star Wars Story – Some Thoughts

I’d like to start with the important point, Solo is far and away the best of the Disney Star Wars movie so far. I want to get that out first because I’m afraid of sounding negative in what’s to come. But, basically, the movie was successful as a movie. It entertained me for two hours. […]

Dragon Ball Z is the Greatest Science Fiction Anime* Of All Time

*This essay is strictly about the anime, not the manga. If anyone says, “But in the manga…” I will come to your house and punch you. As I did a little research for this essay, I searched for science fiction anime recommendations and checked the first five results. There were almost sixty different anime recommended […]

So What Happens if Donald Trump Doesn’t Concede in 2020?

When I learned that Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon after he resigned, I was angry. It seemed like a very clear example of the powerful and politically connected getting off without punishment. The Mueller investigation of President Trump has given me an occasion to think more about that decision, and where we find ourselves politically […]

Some Thoughts on Art

“My sister is always talking about God and heaven and how Jesus has a mansion waiting for us after we die, so I asked her: if heaven is so great, what’s the point of living here on earth?” she said. “Let’s just cut to the chase,” I responded. “What’s the point of living, period?” That’s […]

The Wall

My name is Jam Stunna. I was born Jamil Rashad Ragland on October 21st, 1985. Names are a funny thing, because they determine so much of who you are and how the world relates to you, yet you have almost no say in picking your name. Your parents say, “You’re a Jamil,” so I’m a […]

Some Thoughts on Black Self-Determination

I cried during the scene in Black Panther when Erik Killmonger spoke with his father, because he was expressing the hurt that I’ve had so much trouble putting into words. Erik’s rage is overblown and genocidal for the sake of a Hollywood blockbuster, but that rage is so real and so raw for so many […]

The “Right” Kind of Hero

I was listening to the breathless coverage of Rex Tillerson’s firing, and how various people from news show talking heads to Deep State prognosticators were discussing how it would effect Iran, North Korea, Russia, and pretty much the entire globe when Mike Pompeo takes over. With that understanding of the Secretary of State as super […]

As a White Person. . .

As a white person, I feel like any opinions I voice on race need to be heavily discounted.  As a white person, I’m not sure I have the right to say much of anything at all.  The thing is, because of the social circles I’m in and because one of my jobs is at Capital […]

How Do We Stop Hartford Residents From Dying in Car Accidents?

What were you doing when you were 22 years old? You may have been looking forward to graduating from college in a few short months, or you were working in a dead end job that you hated. Perhaps you were falling in love, or cursing your ex’s name. Whatever you were doing, if you’re reading […]

A Failure Of Sorts

I’ve failed at one of my life goals.  I’ve always wanted to die with a full complement of body parts.  Of course I’m not counting baby teeth or hair.  I would have failed years ago if those counted.  I mean I wanted to keep everything I’m supposed to have.  No amputations, no ectomies, nothing of […]