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A Feeling That I Never Knew by Anonymous I still remember how you used to kiss me.. One kiss was never enough, You had to kiss my forehead, each cheek, my nose, and finally my lips.. That was my favorite… There was something about you… A flame in your eyes and a tenderness to your […]

Black Women and Community College

The overwhelming majority of students I tutor at my job are Black women. Part of that is the nature of the work- you develop a rapport with students and they come back to you. But even the one-off students who just need a second set of eyes before they submit a paper are typically Black […]

This Too Shall Pass

I just smelled your pillow. Or is it back to being my pillow already? It’s still your side of the bed. It was my side. Sleeping next to the wall. But you told me that you liked that side of the bed. And I liked you. So it became yours. I don’t want to lie […]

Defending the Essay as a Form

“What is an essay?” One of my friends asked me that question when I explained my goal to write an essay every day until my birthday. I knew what I was writing were essays, but I didn’t really know what that word meant. After grappling with a definition for a moment, I finally said, “It’s […]

I Saw My First Drug Overdose Today

I was walking past the park on the corner of Russ Street and Putnam Street with my coworkers. We go on a walk once a day or so for the exercise and to take a break from work. We were talking, and one of my coworkers looked into the park and pointed. “Uh, guys?” she […]

Some Thoughts About The New Yorker

When Forbes published that op-ed a few weeks ago suggesting that Amazon replace local libraries, the condemnation was swift and fast. It was too late, of course- as soon as any hare-brained idea is placed into the public, it’s only a matter of time before it begins its slide towards the mainstream of social, cultural […]

Weddings: What the Hell Are You People Buying?

I overheard a friend describing the several weddings that she’s been attending this summer, and the financial strain that they’ve placed on her. “One of my friends is having her bachelorette’s party in the Hamptons,” she said. “I can’t afford to party in the Hamptons! I’ll be there sipping water that probably still costs $10.” […]

A Quick Recap

We’ve come to the end of July. At the beginning of the month, Jamil and I announced our intent to each make a post a day for the month. We didn’t. We did post a total of 34 times, which isn’t horrible, but it isn’t what we hoped. It turns out that July is kind […]

I’m Sorry, but I Love Led Zeppelin

A few days ago, my esteemed colleague Gene Glotzer wrote a post about his dislike for Led Zeppelin. We’d talked about it before, so it wasn’t news to me when he published it (what I actually learned was that none of you check the authors on these articles, based on how many people asked me […]

The Best Weekend of the Year

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s ConnectiCon! Today, I’m going to put aside all the stress and anxiety, all the worries about politics and the future, all the concerns about money and dating, and nerd all the way out. I’m going to panels. I’m buying merchandise. I’m meeting up with friends I […]