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Star Trek

I’ve been a Star Trek fan my whole life. My mom was a fan in the sixties and we used to watch the original series together on reruns when I was little. I watched The Next Generation and Deep Space 9 faithfully. When Voyager came out, I tried to watch when I could, but it […]

Swearing In Fiction

I saw The Photograph recently. I liked it: solid story, likable characters, good acting. I recommend it. One thing about it jumped out at me. Somewhere about midway through the movie, one of the characters swore. He used the F-word followed shortly thereafter by the D-word. I can’t be sure, since I don’t have a […]

If It Weren’t Star Wars

Going into The Rise of Skywalker, I did my best to ignore the fact that it was a Star Wars movie. Episodes VII and VIII did so much damage to the franchise that there was no chance of episode IX being good as a Star Wars movie. I was hoping to be able to view […]

My Favorite Recordings of the Decade

As the 2010’s come to a close, there are a ton of “best of” lists floating around. I’m not going to do a best of because I don’t understand how you rank things like that. But, I thought I’d share some of my favorite music from the past decade. Basically, this is music that I […]

The Rise of Skywalker – Some Positives

I wanted to write some more about The Rise of Skywalker. But, I don’t feel like complaining right now. So, I thought I’d try coming up with some positive things about the movie. 1. Ian McDiarmid – McDiarmid plays Emperor Palpatine in Return of the Jedi, the Prequel Trilogy, and The Rise of Skywalker. We’ll […]

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker – Initial Thoughts

Well, I saw the new Star Wars. It was a bad movie. Like, a really bad movie. But I have some good news. My preparations worked. I went in expecting to see one of the worst movies ever made, and it met my expectations. That’s something the last two didn’t do. With Episodes VII & […]

Preparing for Episode IX

Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker came out a couple of days ago. I have not seen it yet. I had debated not going to see it, but I am going to. I’m not exactly sure why I’m going to. I feel obligated. I really don’t want to hate it. So I’ve been […]

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

A few days ago, I was asked if I had a favorite Christmas song. Not a particular version of a song, but a song that I love no matter who is doing it. I couldn’t pick one. There are too many to pick from. But when I was asked this question I instantly thought of […]

Simpsons Roasting On an Open Fire

Thirty years ago today, December 17, 1989, “The Simpsons Christmas Special” aired for the first time. It was season one episode one. The thing that started it all. I watched that first episode. I’m not sure why. I was a freshman in high school. Fox was still a new network, and I didn’t watch anything […]

A Thought Experiment

I’ve had a little thought experiment I’ve done since college. Imagine Michelangelo were brought back to life, in his prime, right now. He is given as much time as he needs to study all of the art and all of the artists who have come after him. At the end of his studies, he starts […]