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A Problem With Describing the Way a Person Looks

I’m having a problem with the modern English language. I’m working on a story. The characters in the story are seeing a Shemekia Copeland show. I gave the story out to some people for feedback and learned two things. First, no one I showed the story to knew who Shemekia Copeland was. That makes me […]

Living Colour

I ran across something online recently that said that “Cult of Personality” was released thirty years ago this month. That means I became a fan of Living Colour thirty years ago this month. I can actually remember listening to the song on the radio during the summer of 1988. I was thirteen years old and […]

If I Fell

Lyrics don’t normally matter to me. I barely even notice them. But one set of lyrics I find myself thinking about quite a bit is “If I Fell” by The Beatles: If I fell in love with you Would you promise to be true And help me understand ‘Cause I’ve been in love before And […]

I’m Sorry, But I Just Don’t Like Led Zeppelin

This is something I’ve wanted to get off my chest for a while now. I don’t like Led Zeppelin. I never have. This shouldn’t be noteworthy. There are tons of bands I don’t like. But, for some reason, everyone assumes I do like Led Zeppelin. People who find out that I love music as much […]


In my ongoing quest to catalogue my entire record collection, I just finished all of my Country albums. I have a grand total of forty-nine Country albums. That’s actually more than I expected. It means I have more Country than I do Gospel, and I like Gospel much better. I don’t have too much to […]

Tedeschi Trucks Band

The Tedeschi Trucks Band is the best band working today. I went to see them tonight with my brother at the Meadows (I know that’s technically not the name of the venue anymore, but it will always be the Meadows) in Hartford. There was a decent crowd at the show, but it was nowhere near […]

The Trouble With Super Smart Characters

While I don’t believe in spoilers, I do believe in being polite. So, I will start by letting you know that there will be plot details from the 2017-2018 seasons of The Flash, Supergirl and Arrow in what’s to follow. *** I sometimes joke that at heart I’m a teenage girl because at least half […]

Music Collecting – Gospel

I am not religious, but I love Gospel music. It’s funny, I find religion interesting, I just don’t have any religious feeling. The only time I come close to understanding what people get out of religion is when I’m listening to Gospel. I’ve always wanted to attend a black church just to listen to the […]

Some Way Too Early Thoughts About Star Wars – Resistance

Disney and Lucasfilm just announced a new animated series set to debut in the fall called Star Wars Resistance. It is set just a little before The Force Awakens and will follow a pilot named Kazuda Xiono working for the Resistance against the First Order. Apparently it will also feature characters from the movies like […]

Music Genres

I’ve always had a bit of a problem separating things like music by genres. In a recent piece I wrote, I made the statement, “I tend to think of all worthwhile American music as being a type of blues.”* I knew when I typed it that the statement would bother some people. People have a […]