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Back, Into The Light (Part 1)

I’ve wanted to try writing fantasy again, and I’ve also wanted to write a serialized story. So here it is, my serialized fantasy story! Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Without further ado, onto Part 1! Back, Into The Light (Part 1) “Tell me a secret. Something you’ve never told anyone.” Even when he whispered, the gravelly heaviness […]

An Errand

Jack walked into the drug store not really remembering why he was there.  I really need to start writing stuff down, he thought.  I’m getting old, but he didn’t believe that was the reason.  He was only forty, still a little young for senility. She was at the counter again.  She was the best looking woman, or maybe girl, Jack had […]

Let That Go (Play Excerpt)

I was an idiot when I was 16. I talked like I knew everything, but I had no clue about 99.9999% of the world that existed outside of my small high school. I didn’t understand how to put myself in the shoes of people who weren’t like me- girls, gay students, and others that didn’t […]

RIP C. Martin Croker

I loved going over to my grandfather’s house when I was a kid. He’s 6’4″, and was this larger than life man who gave my brothers and I as much candy and toys as we could handle. To top it off, he had cable, a luxury that my family couldn’t afford. We would arrive at […]

Welcome to the State of Nature

A man was walking along by himself on a dusty road.  Everything around was brown.  The dirt, the rocks and the trees were brown.  Even the sky had a brownish tint to it.  The man was naked except for a neck tie, a very long neck tie.  It went down to his knees.  It was […]


If you’re not one for introductions, just skip to below the line.  I’ve been posting a lot about my divorce and depression lately.  I want to post something different, but I’m not in a good place to write anything different.  So, I thought I’d post something I wrote a little while ago for a short […]

Responsible Citizen: In Defense of Gohan

  A few months ago, Omar Holmon of Black Nerd Problems wrote an excellent article about Gohan’s choices in life. Entitled, “An Open Letter to Gohan: You Gonna Stop Being Trash Anytime Soon or Nah?”, Holmon let us know exactly how he feels about the son of Earth’s greatest hero. He writes, Gohan was voted […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

A couple of years ago, I wrote a book.  It’s not much of a book.  It’s even short compared to the ones my daughter and I read together, but it’s a real book.  I wrote it to help a friend with breast cancer.  Here’s what I wrote in the introduction: A short time ago, a […]

Ten Minutes

By Jamil Rashad Ragland Only after Tania saw the bone protruding from the man’s leg did she feel bad. It hadn’t punctured the skin, but the unnatural bulge below his knee was unmistakable. He was curled up into himself on the concrete, wailing in agony as his hands hovered near the broken leg. She watched […]

Are We Alone?

“Kang!” came Kodos’ deep, booming voice.  “I think I’ve found something.” “What is it?” Kodos pulled up the chart.  “Do you see the third planet orbiting that star?  The blue one with the single moon?” “Yes.” “Well, I believe it might have intelligent life.” “Intelligent life!” Kang scoffed.  “Not likely.” “But, I’m picking up this […]