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The Need to Know

On April 10th, 2017, around fifty five million children, from pre-school through high school, went to school. At least one of them didn’t make it home that day. Jonathan Martinez, eight years old, was killed when Cedric Anderson shot him. He shot and killed his wife, Elaine Smith, and wounded another student before killing himself. This appears […]

A New Life

Today, my niece Khalia was born. She came into our world at a healthy nine pounds, five ounces. She is my brother’s first child, and my first niece or nephew. I’m surprised by how excited I am at the prospect of being an uncle. I love kids- babies and children and even teenagers. I like talking […]

Adventures In Parenting – Self Sufficiency

My daughter recently learned how to tie her own shoes.  This is an exciting development.  She’s very proud of herself.  And I’m very proud of her.  But, now we are late wherever we go.  It takes her a solid ten to fifteen minutes to tie them satisfactorily.  It’s adorable and maddening. That seems to be […]

A Paucity of Words – Loneliness

I’m lonely. I don’t know how much of it is depression, how much is the divorce and how much is actually being alone (although I rarely seem to be alone, so my guess is it’s the first two), but I suppose it doesn’t really matter. Whatever the cause, I am lonely. It feels different from other […]

Guilt Without Sin

I don’t really believe in sin.  At least not in the literal sense of the word.  I do believe that rooting for the Yankees is a sin, as is putting more than one topping on a serving of ice cream.  But the idea of a crime against God or nature or the universe or whatever […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving, and in the interest of faking it until I make it, I want to come out of my wallow to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  I think I can speak for Jamil when I say that we are truly grateful for everyone who has come by to read some of our work.  […]

Something New and Horrifying

As I’ve said before, there’s a lot that has happened to me during my divorce that I wasn’t expecting.  The latest happened to me in the grocery store a few days ago.  I got in line to buy my stuff.  When I got up to the cashier, I became acutely aware that she was very […]

Parents Just Don’t Understand: Thoughts on Adventure Time’s “Evergreen”

I’d been patiently waiting for new episodes of Adventure Time on Hulu for months. My brother told me that season 6 ended on a fascinating note, and I couldn’t wait until I got to see where Finn and Jake’s adventures would take them. I was stopped in my tracks by the episode “Evergreen,” which is […]

What Am I Now? or What the Heck Is a Grass Widower?

I got divorced the other day.  I’m not normally one to label myself.  I’m just me.  But, I’ve been having some trouble with the whole situation, so I thought words might help.  They can help me tell my story and that can help me make sense of everything.  There’s a problem with this approach, though.  […]

I Am A Grass Widower

I got divorced this afternoon.  It was weird.  We went to the court house, signed some forms, waited for a while, then went before the judge.  We sat there while the judge read our agreement.  After that, we stood and swore to tell the truth.  Next, my Ex’s (that sounds weird) lawyer asked her a […]