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Baseball is my favorite sport. I could watch a baseball game any time and be relatively happy. It doesn’t even have to be my team, as long as it’s baseball. It puzzles me that the people who are supposed to be promoting the game don’t seem to agree with me. The commissioner of Major League […]


Tennis is one of my favorite sports. It is also as international as a sport can get. Unfortunately, that means that most of the big tournaments are not played on the east coast of the United States, so it is hard for me to watch. I can usually watch part of the weekend matches, but […]

My Unpopular Opinion About LeBron

As everyone with an internet connection already knows, LeBron James opted out of his contract with Cleveland and accepted a four year deal with the Los Angeles Lakers. I believe that this move was a mistake. Of course I mean this in the only way a sports fan who has never met the Jameses can […]

A Football Conundrum

When two unlikable teams are playing each other in the championship, how do you decide which to root for?  That’s the problem we’re facing with the 2018 NFL championship game.  It’s the Eagles against the Patriots, which means that nobody wins.  There was so much potential.  We were so close to the Jaguars playing the […]

The MLB Postseason

October is the best.  The weather is beautiful.  The leaves change colors.  And, most importantly, the baseball playoffs happen. The hard part for the casual fan, or the fan whose team didn’t make it, is deciding which team to root for.  As someone who watches a lot of baseball, I think I can help.  This […]

Regression to the Mean

Have you ever been embarrassed while sitting in a room by yourself? A few years ago, I had just finished downloading a game called Skullgirls. I’ve been a fan of fighting videogames and the fighting game community (abbreviated as the FGC)  for a long time, and the idea of a game created by community member Mike […]