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The Hobbit – Chapter XIX – The Last Stage

Here we are at the final chapter.  It’s a short chapter, but it is broken into three parts.  First, Bilbo and Gandalf go to Rivendell and spend about a week with the elves.  Bilbo (and Tolkien) love elves, so they spend more time here than might be expected.  It’s all very pleasant and relaxing, but […]

The Hobbit – Chapter XVIII – The Return Journey

One of the nice things about Tolkien is that he lets his stories end naturally.  Of course Bilbo can’t stay with the dwarves.  The story isn’t finished until he goes home.  It might seem a little anticlimactic, but I like the fact that we get to see the true end of the journey.  Although, I […]

The Hobbit – Chapter XVII – The Clouds Burst

Here we have the Battle of Five Armies.  If you’re keeping track, it’s the dwarves, the men, the elves, the goblins and the eagles.  That is unless it is the dwarves, the men, the elves, the goblins and the wargs.  Both the eagles and the wargs are involved, I’m just not sure which one constitutes […]

The Hobbit – Chapter XVI – A Thief In The Night

A Thief In The Night is a short, but crucial, chapter.  The action is really straightforward.  Bilbo, you may remember from Chapter XIII – Not At Home, is in possession of the Arkenstone.  Thorin has basically lost his mind.  He is completely obsessed with the treasure, and the Arkenstone in particular.  He will not listen […]

The Hobbit – Chapter XV – The Gathering Of The Clouds

We’re back to the story with this chapter, so that’s a relief.  We’re back with Bilbo and the dwarves.  This is really a transitional chapter, so there isn’t a lot to talk about.  Up until now, the dragon has been the big threat.  But, with the dragon gone, there are still plenty of problems. First, […]

The Hobbit – Chapter XIV – Fire And Water

I need to start this chapter with a little rant.  This is my least favorite chapter in the book.  That’s because it is the only chapter that doesn’t have anything to do with Bilbo, aka The Hobbit.  Any way you look at it, this is Bilbo’s book.  The narrator may be third person omniscient, but […]

The Hobbit – Chapter XIII – Not At Home

The title of this chapter pretty much covers it.  Smaug is not at home.  This is a lucky break for the company.  They are trapped in the tunnel by the back door, as the door has been destroyed, so their only option is to go down to Smaug’s lair and explore. Of course it isn’t […]

The Hobbit – Chapter XII – Inside Information

We had to get through eleven chapters and almost two-hundred pages, but we finally get to meet the dragon, Smaug.  It’s totally worth the wait.  There is a lot to this chapter, pompous dwarves, brave hobbits, treasure, tunnels and a bird, but really it all comes down to the dragon. The chapter opens with the […]

The Hobbit – Chapter XI – On The Doorstep

This is another chapter that has always stuck with me.  It’s a little strange that it would have made an impression when I was a kid.  Not very much happens in this chapter.  It’s mostly a group of frustrated dwarves looking around and waiting. The chapter starts with the company striking out on their own.  […]

The Hobbit – Chapter X – A Warm Welcome

A Warm Welcome is quite similar to A Short Rest, and not just because of the three word chapter titles.  Both chapters are kind of a pause in the action.  They are both a chance for the company to rest a little and heal before they move on to something more difficult.  And both allow […]