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The Hobbit – Chapter XIX – The Last Stage

Here we are at the final chapter.  It’s a short chapter, but it is broken into three parts.  First, Bilbo and Gandalf go to Rivendell and spend about a week with the elves.  Bilbo (and Tolkien) love elves, so they spend more time here than might be expected.  It’s all very pleasant and relaxing, but […]


The Hobbit – Chapter XVIII – The Return Journey

One of the nice things about Tolkien is that he lets his stories end naturally.  Of course Bilbo can’t stay with the dwarves.  The story isn’t finished until he goes home.  It might seem a little anticlimactic, but I like the fact that we get to see the true end of the journey.  Although, I […]

The Hobbit – Chapter VII – Queer Lodgings

The title of this chapter betrays the age of The Hobbit (First published in 1937).  People just don’t use the word queer in this way anymore.  I suppose if it were a modern book, the chapter would be Weird Lodgings.  As a kid, I’m sure I didn’t even notice the title of the chapter.  As […]

The Hobbit – Chapter VI – Out Of The Frying-Pan Into The Fire

Chapter VI has always felt to me like the end of the beginning.  Up until now, Tolkien has been setting the stage, establishing the characters and putting the plot in motion.  After this chapter we will get into the real meat of the story. There is a lot of action in this chapter.  Bilbo finds […]

The Hobbit – Chapter IV – Over Hill and Under Hill

This is another short chapter, but it has a lot of action in it.  It starts with the thirteen dwarves, Bilbo and Gandalf climbing the Misty Mountains.  It is slow going, but they start off confident and cheery.  The good mood doesn’t last long. The main action of the chapter starts when they are caught […]

The Hobbit – Chapter III – A Short Rest

A Short Rest is a short chapter.  It is our first introduction to elves and to Elrond.  Elrond is a minor character in this book, but he will be huge in Lord of the Rings.  The elves will be important to this story later on. The are a few important pieces in this chapter.  We learn […]

The Hobbit – Chapter II – Roast Mutton

Chapter II is special to me.  When I was a kid, I’m pretty sure I didn’t know what to make of Chapter I, so it was Chapter II that drew me in.  It’s about perfect juvenile literature.  There is plenty of action and danger, but also plenty of humor, mostly of the slapstick variety.  This […]

The Hobbit – Chapter I – An Unexpected Party

The Hobbit is one of my favorite books.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read it.  The first time, I think, I was in sixth or seventh grade.  It’s been one of my go to books ever since.  Whenever I need something that I know I’ll enjoy, it’s there for me.  I decided […]