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Star Trek

I’ve been a Star Trek fan my whole life. My mom was a fan in the sixties and we used to watch the original series together on reruns when I was little. I watched The Next Generation and Deep Space 9 faithfully. When Voyager came out, I tried to watch when I could, but it […]


Swearing In Fiction

I saw The Photograph recently. I liked it: solid story, likable characters, good acting. I recommend it. One thing about it jumped out at me. Somewhere about midway through the movie, one of the characters swore. He used the F-word followed shortly thereafter by the D-word. I can’t be sure, since I don’t have a […]

Star Trek The Next Generation

I recently re-watched Star Trek The Next Generation (aka TNG).  I enjoyed the experience.  I hadn’t seen many of the episodes since they originally aired.  It’s interesting how differently I view the show now.  It was a formative show for me.  I was twelve when it debuted.  There was a lot that went over my head […]

The Order of Things

There’s a great scene in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine where our heroes (Captain Sisko and his officers) are battling the villains (the Jem’Hadar), and offer them the chance to surrender: That phrase, “The order of things,” has stuck with me since I first watched this episode all the way back in 1997. For the Jem’Hadar, […]

“You Are the Dreamer, and the Dream”

Today is the 50th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek, which is a good time to ask a basic question: What is Star Trek? As humans, we haven’t even been able to venture beyond our own moon in our hundreds of thousands of years of existence. Our human brains are limited- there are sounds that we can’t hear, […]

Welcome To Nutmegger Daily

This site is a new venture started by Jamil Ragland and Gene Glotzer. We both enjoy writing as well as a free exchange of ideas. Our goal is to do those things in a public forum that will engage readers. We hope that people will visit our site to enjoy those things, too. We are […]