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All We Need

Here we are with story number eleven in my twelve stories in twelve months challenge. The prompt this month was “All We Need” and the word count was 500. With such a short word count, I decided to write a children’s story. And since it’s November, I thought a Thanksgiving story would be appropriate. As […]

Pie For Breakfast

Every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas, my mom makes an extra pumpkin pie for me to take home.  It’s one of my favorite things about the days after the holidays, just knowing that there’s a pie in the fridge.  And one of my favorite things about having that pie is I get to eat pie […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Today is Thanksgiving, and in the interest of faking it until I make it, I want to come out of my wallow to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  I think I can speak for Jamil when I say that we are truly grateful for everyone who has come by to read some of our work.  […]