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The Seventh First Day of School

Today is my kid’s first day of middle school. Sixth grade. Crazy. Every year, I mark the first day of school with some musings. (If you want, you can read about the other six first days of school here, here, here, here, here, and here.) Nothing big, just what’s going through my mind as my […]

Trying to Understand Spacetime

My favorite book as a kid was A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. I found the book in the library of my elementary school, and the back cover’s mention of black holes, my favorite space object, immediately drew me to it. I must have read that book a hundred times between the 4th […]


As they have bee for pretty much everyone, the last couple of years have been difficult. Even before the pandemic began, 2020 saw one of my dreams become a nightmare. I’d always imagined myself as a teacher, but when I was put in charge of a classroom for the first time, I realized that I […]

You know, you could just NOT pay your student loans

People on the internet, or at least the small cross-section of Twitter I see on a regular basis, seem pretty upset that President Joe Biden has reneged on his pledge to cancel at least some student debt. President Biden said publicly several times that he would “knock off” at least $10,000 in student debt, and […]

The Sixth First Day of School

Each year, I mark my daughter’s first day of school with a blog post. (You can see past ones here, here, here, here, and here). She started fifth grade today. Her last year of elementary school. That’s crazy. But, much like last year, school and grades and things like that aren’t uppermost in my mind […]

What’s the Hurry?

I got an email from the superintendent of the West Hartford Public Schools informing me that the school system will be fully reopening on March 17th. Saint Patrick’s Day. Next week. I’m utterly baffled. What’s changed? None of the kids are vaccinated yet. Most of their parents aren’t vaccinated yet. People are still dying of […]

Snow Days

I’m angry. That’s not something you’ll hear me say very often. I don’t do anger well at all. I put myself through some pretty crazy contortions to avoid being angry. If you were to walk up to me, slap me across the face with your gloves, and say, “You, Gene Glotzer, are a horrible excuse […]

A Question About Student Loan Forgiveness

Student loan forgiveness has been a big part of the public debate (such as there is) for a little while now. I always encourage debate, and I’m all for student loan forgiveness. (After the financial services industry destroyed the world economy without facing any serious consequences, I’m actually for all personal debt being forgiven, but […]


This is kind of an addendum to the piece I posted about homework the other day. My daughter was doing her homework tonight, which, as I talked about, is bad enough. I kind of feel like a bad father making her do it. But, I looked at what she was working on. It was multiplication […]

The School Walkout

On the morning of March 14, 2018, students all over the country participated in a school walkout to protest gun violence and to honor the seventeen children killed in Parkland, FL. In a lot of ways, this was inspiring, seeing thousands of kids believe in a cause and actually try to do something about it. […]