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Fiction Friday: “The Saiyans Arrive, Part 1”

Welcome to a new feature of Nutmegger Daily, Fiction Friday! Each week we’re going to try and post a work of fiction to compliment our typical nonfiction writing. We hope you enjoy the stories that we post here! TODAY’S STORY I started my writing career with Dragon Ball fanfiction, and it’s always been something I […]

Mental Health in Fiction

Given how hard it is to talk about, and write about, mental health, it seems like fiction, stories, might be the best way to get people to understand. So much of the way we talk about it is metaphorical and impressionistic after all. But I’ve noticed a dearth of good fiction that centers mental health. […]

‘Tis Always the Season

I love Christmas- the spirit, the music, and the joy it inspires especially in children. You wouldn’t be able to tell from my living space though. I don’t put up decorations because it’s such a hassle. And at the top of that hassle list is the Christmas tree. We had a rather ornate tree when […]

The Best Joke in the English Language

I love humor. I don’t mean that like in everyone’s “I love to laugh” dating profiles. Of course you like to laugh. Laughing is a physical expression of enjoyment and happiness. I mean that I love humor as a subject. I’ve studied it. I’m fascinated by it. And I’ve written about it. (Here, here, here, […]

Joke of the Day

At work, there is a “Joke of the Day” every morning. It’s a nice tradition. It gets almost every day off to a good start. Some recent examples are: What do you call a broke Santa? St. Nickel-less and What do you call Kris Kringle when he’s standing still? Santa Pause As you can see, […]

Our Theme Song

Longtime readers of Nutmegger Daily may be surprised to find out we have a theme song. Even more surprising is it was made by John Legend and Stephen Colbert. It’s flattering. We didn’t know they were fans. We’re quite happy about it, though. Some cynics may object. Sure, the song is called Nutmeg and we’re […]

My Origin Story

I got stabbed in the left arm two weeks ago. It hurt, but it wasn’t that serious. My arm was sore and I was really tired that night, but I recovered OK. It happened again today. Same arm and everything. Once I could write off as a fluke, but not twice, so I demanded an […]

Red Lipstick

This is the July story for the 12 stories in 12 months challenge. You may have noticed that I haven’t published one of these in a few months. Between the pandemic and starting a new job, life has just been too crazy. But, hopefully, I’m back in the groove now. This month’s prompt was “red […]

Trump and Comedy

The past four years have been pretty bad from almost any way you look at them. The world is less stable and secure than it has been since the eighties, at least. Racism and sexism and xenophobia and religious intolerance are all worse than they were four years ago. America is running concentration camps and […]

Pen For Hire

Here is my second story for the 2020 12 stories in 12 months challenge. The prompt was “For Hire” and the word count was 1,000. This one was a bit of a struggle for me. My January story was about an unemployed guy, and, even though that’s what the prompt prompted for me, I didn’t […]