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What Am I Missing?

Over the past few weeks, the Supreme Court has handed down one incredibly awful decision after another. This has gotten the Democrats and everyone on the left distraught and flailing around for things to do. I agree that we need to do something, but I have to admit to being baffled by the suggestions being […]

Patriotism or Lack Thereof

I’ve never thought of myself as patriotic. I do have a certain affection for the United States, but only because it’s my home. I’ve long recognized that there are dozens of other countries I could have been born in where my life would be about the same or better. The whole “greatest country in the […]

An Open Letter to Rep. Larson, Sen. Murphy, Sen. Blumenthal, and President Biden on Gas Taxes

Dear Sirs, As I’m sure you’re all aware, gas prices are currently at record highs. The president is asking for a three-month federal gas tax holiday to try to help. The proposal would save the average driver $0.18 per gallon, and diesel drivers $0.24 per gallon. This proposal is a huge mistake and I want […]

Success through Secession?

I’ve had a long running debate with myself whether Lincoln was right to fight the War Between the States. Part of me feels like what was the free states would have been better off if they just let the slave states go. Another part of me worries about the humanitarian nightmare that would have resulted […]

Scapegoating Mental Illness

Over the weekend, a bipartisan framework for “gun safety” legislation was announced. It contains four things that probably won’t make any substantive difference but are better than nothing: Encouraging states to adopt “Red Flag” laws, closing the “boyfriend loophole”, enhancing the review process for buyers under 21, and clarifying what it means to be a […]

Mental Illness and Mass Shootings

A while ago, I wrote this piece: Guns and Mental Illness | Nutmegger Daily – Quality writing on many topics. I’d be happy if you read it, of course, but it covers two main points. First, it talks about the ubiquity of mental illness. Virtually everyone, at one point or another, struggles with their mental […]

Trying Not to Look Away

My good friend and partner, Jamil, wrote a piece for The Hartford Times called Don’t Look Away. It’s about how the horror of Sandy Hook was followed by a long period of numbness caused by exhaustion from the sheer number of preventable tragedies that happen in this country. Uvalde, however, has snapped him out of […]

Quick Questions: Masks

What are the potential consequences of wearing masks a little bit longer than is absolutely necessary? What are the potential consequences of wearing masks for a little less time than is absolutely necessary? Share This:

Gas Prices: Taxes, Inflation, and a Little Bit about Ukraine

The embedded Tweet is from one of my state’s Senators, Richard Blumenthal. He used to be our state’s Attorney General. He made his name and career fighting against price gauging, rogue polluters, unfair labor practices, corruption, and things like that. Maybe he thinks that’s what he’s doing with this legislation. He would be wrong, but […]

Most Americans Have NOT Come Out of the Pandemic Ahead Economically

There’s this common occurrence where headlines have nothing whatsoever to do with the articles that they top. I’m fascinated by it. There are many ways to write badly but having a severely misleading title should be number one. Normally it is the case where the editor puts their own title on something, often without the […]