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Feeding the Birds

I’m officially an old man. I have a fairly new hobby; I started it last fall. I set up bird feeders in my yard and now I enjoy watching the birds that visit my feeders. I used to have a neighbor that fed birds. I always appreciated seeing them as I went out my back […]

Blood Tests for Mental Health

Recent research is showing that it may be possible to diagnose mental health conditions through blood tests. It’s intriguing work. One of the most frustrating parts for patients with mental health issues is the process of diagnosing the condition. It’s a lot of trial and error and it takes a long time. Like with any […]

The Worst Day of the Year

The second Sunday in March is the worst day of the year. It is the day that, here in the US, we switch from standard time to daylight saving time. We won’t go back to standard time until November. The entire eight months is worse than it would be if we didn’t switch, but the […]


We have made a couple of posts lately about scientific concepts that we don’t really understand (here and here). I don’t know if this will be an ongoing thing or not, but I decided to add to it with a little bit about gravity. Gravity is one of those things that, according to my teachers […]

What If We Completely Stopped Using Plastic?

I almost wrote this as part of my Quick Questions series but realized there is nothing quick about this question. I’ll say at the beginning, I’m wondering about what the title asks. I’m not interested in the odds of us going plastic-free. I’m not interested in the politics involved. I’m not interested in whether or […]

Trying to Understand Spacetime

My favorite book as a kid was A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. I found the book in the library of my elementary school, and the back cover’s mention of black holes, my favorite space object, immediately drew me to it. I must have read that book a hundred times between the 4th […]

Climate Change Messaging

Climate change is a difficult problem. I almost said intractable, but I’m an optimist. So, difficult will do. One of the reasons it’s so difficult is because of the way people talk about it and write about it. The messaging that surrounds it. And I’m not talking about all the misinformation and outright lies that […]


Do you ever have the thought that everything we think we know about something is wrong? It happens to me all the time. It can be disconcerting, but it can also be pretty exhilarating. I couldn’t sleep the other night and I started to think about time. To be more specific, time travel. (Legends of […]

Quick Questions: Leave the Leaves

In my geographical area, and many others, a few things happen every fall: The leaves fall off the trees, we clean them up, the town collects them, and we are told that we’ve done a bad thing. I’m talking about the annual “Leave the Leaves” campaigns run by the Nation Wildlife Federation and The Audubon […]

Quick Questions: Renewables

Climate activists are always talking about renewable sources of energy. Why is that? The danger isn’t running out of fuel. Fossil fuels can last a long, long time. The danger is putting carbon (and other greenhouse gasses) in the air. Are people that afraid of nuclear energy? Should they be? Share This: