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Does It Have to Be Empowering?

I read this article in The Conversation, Does it really empower women to expect them to make the first move? ( It’s about the dating app Bumble. Bumble’s twist on online dating is that it makes women go first. The whole looking at profiles and swiping part is similar to other apps, especially Tinder. But […]

Did You Know People Actually Hated Martin Luther King?!

Sorry about the clickbait-y headline. This piece actually has almost nothing to do with the Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. It’s just that the commentary surrounding MLK is illustrative of a problem that needs attention. Before getting into it, as a sort of introduction, I will answer the headline’s question. Yes, I knew that […]

Climate Change Messaging

Climate change is a difficult problem. I almost said intractable, but I’m an optimist. So, difficult will do. One of the reasons it’s so difficult is because of the way people talk about it and write about it. The messaging that surrounds it. And I’m not talking about all the misinformation and outright lies that […]

What If All Job Applicants Were Anonymous?

I know how this sounds, so please bear with me. There are many problems with the job “market” as it currently stands. All the power is on the side of employers (which is why I hesitate to call it a market in the first place). Favoritism and nepotism are rampant. The process rewards salesmanship over […]

Christmas Eve Shopping

I have a longstanding tradition of shopping on Christmas Eve. It’s the one day a year where I can honestly say I like to shop. I’ve probably been doing it for thirty years now. I’m sure it started because I’m a natural procrastinator. It’s turned into something I look forward to every year, though. What […]

Dog Poop

The other day, I saw someone out walking her dog. The dog had just defecated, and she was bending down with a plastic bag to clean it up. No big deal. We all probably see similar scenes all the time. But, for whatever reason, this got me thinking about how much things have changed in […]

High Profile Criminal Cases

The OJ Simpson trial happened while I was in college. I completely didn’t care except for an annoyance at how inescapable it was. When they were going to announce the verdict, I made a bet with a friend. We wanted to see who could go the longest without learning the outcome of the trial. The […]

Quick Questions: Waste

We are a very wasteful society. I don’t think there’s any question about that. But a lot of the waste we generate is in the interest of health, safety, and cleanliness. When you see any medical provider, they have disposable gloves and masks and all of the tools are sealed in one-time-use plastic. Whenever a […]

Quick Questions: Never Forget

Every September 11th we are told, quite adamantly and passionately, to “Never Forget.” Barring severe injury or illness, it is very unlikely that we would ever forget a day like that. That raises the question, when they say, “Never Forget,” what is it that they want from us? Share This:


The current conversation around labor is odd. Many (most?) labor advocates still talk about their fight in Marxist terms. Never mind the more theoretical aspects of Marxism, his views on history and progress, etc., and just look at labor. Labor, in this view, is the foundation for all value. Capitalism developed when labor was commodified, […]