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Royal Reflections

Apparently, based on my Twitter feed, something happened yesterday that I didn’t know or care about. The result is people venting their outrage on social media today. This caused some rather old memories to come back to the surface. I want to talk about those memories. I used to work at Borders Books and Music […]

Don’t Make a Whole Big Thing Out Of It

This is a piece I’ve been wanting to write for ages. I’ve never really known how to do it, though. The dilemma is that I have to talk about what I don’t want people to talk about. There just isn’t any way to do that without talking about it. I feel like a hypocrite talking […]

I Need To Get Something Off My Chest

I find Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) incredibly attractive. Like movie star/fashion model attractive. I actually think she’s better looking than many of the actors and models that are famous for being good looking. It’s weird and it makes me uncomfortable. Harris has been elected Vice President of the United States and I can’t help but be […]


A long time ago, when I was in college, I think, I heard a story about Einstein. I think one of my professors told it. He said that Einstein was being interviewed and was asked, “Who is the smartest person you’ve ever known?” Einstein gave a name, and the interviewer followed up with, “Why haven’t […]

Dog Whistles In My Hometown

Dog Whistle: a coded message communicated through words or phrases commonly understood by a particular group of people, but not by others. Every year, I like to pay attention to lawn signs. My local elections don’t get a lot of press coverage. It’s not like anyone’s polling Newington and handicapping the races. So, as I […]

We’re Still In a Pandemic, Aren’t We?

This was an interesting week. But I guess to tell it right, I have to start with last week. We had a COVID-scare. My brother was showing symptoms and went to get tested. He had been in contact with my parents. Socially distant contact, but still contact. My parents were supposed to be my childcare […]


I’m not, by nature, a person concerned with the short-term. If I lie awake worrying, there’s a better chance that I’m worrying about the eventual heat-death of the universe than what might happen at work tomorrow. An hour, a day, a year are nothing. I can stand on my head that long. Give me the […]


I’ve been saying for a long time now that the economy has never been good in my lifetime. I make that as an honest and serious statement. It’s not hyperbole. The economy has not been good for at least 45 years. But, the official outlets (the government, news agencies, professional economists) have said differently. They […]


I just got a new book called Automation and Utopia: Human Flourishing in a World Without Work by John Danaher. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m looking forward to it. From what I can tell, he tries to present the argument that automation should be seen as a good thing. A world where people […]

Flags (And Other Symbols) Are Important

On June 30, 2020, the Governor of Mississippi signed into law a piece of legislation that will, finally, remove the Confederate battle flag from Mississippi’s state flag. This is a big deal, and an unequivocally good thing. It comes during a time of intense debate about all kinds of symbols, from statues and monuments to […]