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Naomi Osaka, Sports, Entertainment, and the Press

Last week, Naomi Osaka, the current #2 tennis player on the WTA tour, announced that she would not be engaging with the press at all during this year’s French Open. When she followed through after her first round win, the tournament fined her $15,000 and said that the penalty will escalate with each match, possibly […]

A Baseball Gig

I just published my first piece with MLB & NFL News and Videos – Grunt Talks G.T Sports ( You can read it here: Who Referees the Umpires? I’d appreciate any feedback. And, while you’re there, check out some of the other content, like this great baserunning video or the comparison videos. This should be […]

Defensive Shifts Are Not the Problem

Jay Bruce retired from Major League Baseball thirty-four at bats into his fourteenth season. It’s always a little sad when a player retires, especially if the retirement is forced by performance or injury. In Bruce’s case, it was performance. He only had four hits in those thirty-four at bats. That’s a .118 average, much better […]

The Atlanta Baseball Team vs. MLB

Major League Baseball made the decision to move the 2021 All-star Game out of Atlanta because of the new Georgia voting laws. This is absolutely the right decision, but I have to admit to being a little surprised. It’s been a long time since Jackie Robinson, and in my experience, MLB can’t even make the […]

Musings On Opening Day 2021

Baseball’s opening day ought to be a holiday. It feels like one to me. One of the best days of my 20s was an opening day. My boss knew I was a big baseball fan. He told me to take the day off so I could watch the game. I didn’t have cable at the […]

Laser Show

Long before anyone knew what a Jewish Space Laser was, there was Dustin Pedroia. He was the original, and self-proclaimed, Laser Show. He is one of my all time favorite baseball players, and definitely my all time favorite second baseman (Sorry to Robbie Alomar and Chase Utley, but it’s not even close). Pedey made it […]

The Negro Leagues Always Were Top Tier

When news broke that Major League Baseball has officially declared the Negro Leagues to be a part of Major League Baseball, I reflexively thought, “That’s good.” Inclusion is good and I support it. It didn’t take long for my initial reaction to change to confusion. The whole reason there were Negro Leagues is because of […]

The Universal Designated Hitter

I read this article today. It talks about how there probably won’t be a universal designated hitter in baseball in 2021, but it will be here in the near future because that is one of the few things the players and the owners agree about. I hate the universal DH, and if I’m going to […]

Kim Ng

After my last post, it feel nice to have some good baseball news. The Miami Marlins have hired Kim Ng as their general manager. She is the first woman to hold the position, not just in baseball, but in any of the major North American men’s sports. It’s a big deal, and great to see. […]

It’s Hard To Be A Red Sox Fan Right Now

I’ve been a Red Sox (@RedSox) fan my whole life. It’s inherited, on my mom’s side. I remember the first game I ever saw in person. The Sox were playing the California Angels at Fenway. Yaz was still on the team then. The crowd went crazy every time he came up to bat. He hit […]