Monthly Archives: June, 2014

An Old Woman, a Rubber Band, and a Nuclear Bomb

As they shuffled slowly into the cafeteria/common room, she was already sitting, hunched over, at her usual table in the corner by the window. She didn’t even look as the others sat in groups. Some were bragging about their grandkids while others complained of the cold. A middle aged bald man followed them in and […]

Losing a Parent

There are many books designed to give advice about how to deal with the loss of a parent. Unfortunately, the odds of a book helping are rather slim. Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with it myself. But as a person who has parents and is a parent, I’ve learned one thing. Even though relationships […]

A Pyramid Scheme, Juice Fasts, and D.I.Y. Electrical Engineering

“I don’t want to go to jail.” “You’re not going to go to jail.  It’s totally legit.” Kerri shrugged.  “It sounds like a pyramid scheme to me.” “It’s not a pyramid scheme,” said Erik. “What’s a pyramid scheme?” asked Jen. “It’s when you recruit people to join something for a fee, and that fee keeps […]