Monthly Archives: August, 2014

Old News – Volume One

With everything happening in Ferguson, MO, I wanted to take a few minutes to write about Trayvon Martin.  I know, that’s over.  Everyone else is writing and talking about Ferguson.  But there are two things I firmly believe.  The first is that it is almost impossible to talk about current events beyond the physical facts.  Who, […]

Dealing With Depression

There’s been a lot of posts on social media about depression since the news of Robin Williams’ death broke.  That’s probably a good thing.  When something sad happens, it is nice if something positive can come of it.  And making more people aware of the seriousness of depression is certainly a good thing.  Yet, two […]

Monday Night Jazz

I went to see Renee Rosnes in Hartford’s Bushnell Park tonight and had two competing things on my mind.  One was how great it was, not just the band, but the whole experience.  The band was fantastic:  Renee Rosnes on piano, John Patitucci on bass, Carl Allen on drums, and Steve Nelson on vibes.  It doesn’t […]

The Business of Baseball

If you follow baseball, you will inevitably hear someone say, “It’s a business.” Most people never stop to think about what a strange statement that is. On the one hand, it means different things depending on who uses it. On the other, it doesn’t really mean anything at all. Whichever hand you choose, it’s clearly […]