Monthly Archives: September, 2014

Why I Hate Derek Jeter

In case you haven’t heard, Derek Jeter has retired from baseball.  Thank God.  I have been a Jeter Hater for most of the last 20 years.  The past six months have been really rough.  One of the worst things about it has been the way I’m immediately attacked for the fact that I don’t like […]

Thoughts on the Scottish Referendum (Sort Of)

The Scottish independence referendum left me disappointed.  That’s funny because I would have voted against separation if I had been able to vote.  I didn’t have any kind of stake, but it looked to me like Scottish independence would have been bad for the UK as well as for Scotland.  Divorces are almost always messier […]

Work Friends

Friendship has been a subject for philosophical thought since there has been philosophical thought.  This only makes sense since friendship is such an important part of human life.  As with much of philosophy, Plato discussed the topic, but Aristotle’s views are what dominate the landscape.  Aristotle saw three different types of friendship.  There are friendships […]

Never Forget?

Every September 11th, I dread going on social media.  It’s bad enough that I’m forced to relive an awful experience every year, but it seems like everyone is exhorting me to, “Never forget!” Aside from the fact that I bristle at people telling me what to do, the vagueness of it is annoying.  Am I […]

Famous Pictures of Naked People

Apple had a rather famous security breach not too long ago. The iCloud accounts of a bunch of celebrities were hacked and the hackers stole naked pictures and posted them to the internet. While I don’t know the people involved or the circumstances surrounding the taking of the pictures, the whole ordeal has highlighted just […]