Monthly Archives: October, 2014

Old News – Volume 2

On October 24th, 2014, there were at least two shootings in America.  One involved high school students in Washington and the other involved police officers in California.  Shootings like these have become so common that they don’t even steal the headlines in the news cycle.  These two incidents were right alongside stories about the Ebola […]

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Normally, I think these types of events are kind of silly in a way perfectly summed up by a couple of pieces in The Onion.  I never thought that lack of awareness was a problem when it came to breast cancer.  In a lot of ways, breast cancer is […]

Logic 101 – Teachers

There is nothing that bothers me more than seeing bad arguments put forth by a group I want to be sympathetic to or for a position I support. If it can get worse it would be when the group, or person, making the argument should know better.  Unfortunately, for these very reasons, teachers drive me […]

My New York City Adventure

My wife and I spent last weekend in New York City.  She had a continuing education class on Friday, so I had the whole day to myself.  I had no plan or agenda.  I left my bags at the hotel and went out walking.  I got breakfast at some diner, which I can’t remember.  Eggs […]