Monthly Archives: November, 2014

Thanksgiving and Shopping

I am all for not shopping on Thanksgiving.  I think it’s a shame that stores are open and people have to work.  If I had my way, certain holidays would be holy (If I really had my way, I’d have a weekly, secular sabbath).  Everything would be closed and no one would have to work.  […]

Veterans Day

As I’ve been reading my social media this Veterans Day, I’m seeing the expected sentiments.  Sometimes they are simple, like, “Thank a vet!” and sometimes they are a bit more involved, like, “This charity does great work for veterans, please consider giving.”  This is all well and good.  But, I’m a bit surprised that everyone is […]

It's Not a Competition

When I went to vote on November 4th, I brought my 3 year old daughter with me.  As 3 year olds are likely to do, she asked a lot of questions, “What is voting?  Why do you have to vote?  Can I vote?  Are you voting no?  What’s that marker for?  Can I draw on […]

Clone Wars

I just finished watching Star Wars – The Clone Wars.  Similarly to what I did with DS9, I thought I’d just write a little rambling piece with my thoughts and impressions. I really enjoyed the series. While it won’t knock the Simpsons off its pedestal, it was fun, engaging and had characters that I really […]


A friend of mine posted a piece recently called “Don’t Vote or Die“.  When I saw it, I posted some comments disagreeing with a few of his points.  Since then, a lot of my friends have been making comments about not voting in the upcoming election.  Every time I hear them, I think of this […]