Monthly Archives: June, 2015

Reflections on the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court ruled that gay couples can marry in all 50 states. I don’t talk all that much about gay rights. I’m a strong supporter of gay rights, it’s just that I don’t feel like I have much to say about it. It is so unbelievably obvious that all human beings, regardless of orientation, […]

The Evil Solstice

Summer officially started today.  While I know I will probably complain a lot during the next three months, I wanted to get as much out of the way as I could at the very beginning.  So, let me count the ways in which summer is the worst season by far.  Out of four seasons, it […]


I’ve been listening to a lot of B.B. King since his death.  One thing that struck me is that “The Thrill Is Gone” was released 20 years into his career.  It was not only his biggest hit, but his signature song.  After it became a hit, it was the one song you would be guaranteed […]


Before the finals started, if someone had asked me whom I was rooting for, I would have said Cleveland without hesitation. They were technically underdogs, even with the world’s greatest player. Cleveland is famous for their lack of sports success. I’ve been to Cleveland and liked it. Add to that the fact that San Francisco […]

Smart Protests and Silly Protests

Yesterday Hartford, CT decided to get in on the Moral Monday phenomena.  A group of protesters blocked the Hartford side of the Founder’s Bridge just before rush hour.  Their stated goal was to spread the “black lives matter” message.  This wasn’t a smart way to spread that message. Like anything else, protests can be done […]

Some Thoughts On The 2015 French Open

The 2015 French Open ended today.  Unfortunately, with the six hour time difference, I wasn’t able to watch much of the tournament.  I saw most of today’s men’s final and one of Serena’s early round matches, but that’s about it.  The rest of the two weeks I had to rely on highlights.  I do still […]

Why I Love Baseball – June 5th Edition

I got to watch the major league debut of Pat Venditte tonight.  He is a 29 year old pitcher for the Oakland A’s.  He pitched two innings against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park and pitched well.  He retired 6 of the 7 batters he faced with one strikeout and no walks or runs […]

National Gun Violence Awareness Day

Today, June 2nd, is the first National Gun Violence Awareness Day.  According to the official website,, The color orange symbolizes the value of human life. Hunters wear orange to alert other hunters that they’re there — as a way to take care of their own life and the lives of others. A couple of years […]

Mad Max: Fury Road

This isn’t like a typical review.  It’s more like a warning. I got out of work early the other day.  I haven’t been to the movies in ages and I really like going to the movies.  So, I decided to go to the movies.  Tomorrowland just came out and was directed by Brad Bird, I really […]