Monthly Archives: September, 2015

Gender Nominalism and Cats

My whole family had a pretty eventful summer from a medical point of view.  The most serious ailment happened to our cat.  He had a urinary blockage caused by crystal formation.  This is apparently rather common with male cats.  Basically, they form crystals in their urine.  These crystals clump together and get stuck in the […]

Star Trek: The Animated Series

I have been using Netflix to re-watch Star Trek.  And I mean all of the Star Treks.  I’ve already completed DS9 and the original series.  Both were excellent.  I just finished the animated series.  I had never seen any of the animated series before, so I figured I’d give my impressions. For starters, it was […]

If You Don't Watch Tennis, You're Really Missing Out – The 2015 US Open

The 2015 US Open was a highly entertaining two weeks of tennis even though nothing that I was rooting for came to pass.  These are just some quick thoughts I had about the fortnight (I don’t know why, but tennis seems to be the only place where the word fortnight has survived into the 21st […]

Provisional Diagnosis

I went to my doctor today.  After bleeding into a bunch of vials, wearing a Holter and peeing into a jug so they could do tests, I had to go over the results of those tests with the doctor.  The result was that everything looked normal.  My blood was normal, my heart was normal and […]

Labor Day

I look forward to Labor Day every year.  It’s the unofficial end of summer, and I don’t like summer.  It means the US Open is happening, and I love the US Open.  It means the baseball pennant races are heating up, and I love baseball.  It means a day off of work.  I didn’t always […]

That's Not Lemonade* – Part Three of My Medical Drama

The last test I had to do (for now) to try to figure out what is wrong with me was a twenty-four hour urine test, because it’s important that patients are allowed to maintain their dignity.  In case you don’t know, a twenty-four hour urine test is exactly what it sounds like.  Instead of the […]

My Continuing Medical Saga

Yesterday I went to my doctor for a follow-up to my ER visit.  The good news is that all of the tests done in the ER came out fine.  The EKG, the blood work, the blood pressure and blood sugar were all normal.  So, whatever is going on with me, most likely, has nothing to […]

What I Learned Yesterday

I spent about seven hours in the emergency room yesterday.  That made for a very uncomfortable and boring day.  There is one upside, though.  I learned something. Before I tell you what I learned, I think some background will help.  I throw up a lot.  I always have.  Whenever I get sick, it messes up […]