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The Hobbit – Chapter I – An Unexpected Party

The Hobbit is one of my favorite books.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve read it.  The first time, I think, I was in sixth or seventh grade.  It’s been one of my go to books ever since.  Whenever I need something that I know I’ll enjoy, it’s there for me.  I decided […]

An Errand

Jack walked into the drug store not really remembering why he was there.  I really need to start writing stuff down, he thought.  I’m getting old, but he didn’t believe that was the reason.  He was only forty, still a little young for senility. She was at the counter again.  She was the best looking woman, or maybe girl, Jack had […]

A New Life

Today, my niece Khalia was born. She came into our world at a healthy nine pounds, five ounces. She is my brother’s first child, and my first niece or nephew. I’m surprised by how excited I am at the prospect of being an uncle. I love kids- babies and children and even teenagers. I like talking […]

Star Trek The Next Generation

I recently re-watched Star Trek The Next Generation (aka TNG).  I enjoyed the experience.  I hadn’t seen many of the episodes since they originally aired.  It’s interesting how differently I view the show now.  It was a formative show for me.  I was twelve when it debuted.  There was a lot that went over my head […]

Let That Go (Play Excerpt)

I was an idiot when I was 16. I talked like I knew everything, but I had no clue about 99.9999% of the world that existed outside of my small high school. I didn’t understand how to put myself in the shoes of people who weren’t like me- girls, gay students, and others that didn’t […]

The Passive Voice Should Be Appreciated

The passive voice should be appreciated.  Nay, the passive voice should be celebrated.  The tyranny of the subject is perpetuated by the active voice, but it can be stopped by the passive voice.  Objects can be accentuated, highlighted, shown off by the passive voice.  Variety is created by the passive voice.  The passive voice should […]

The Difference Between Political Tactics and Political Strategy

My girlfriend told me a story about a guy she went to college with. This young man was a typical student at her school- a white male who came from alot of money. He was rude and dismissive, and engaged in explicit racism and sexism on a constant basis. He called her a nigger during their […]