Monthly Archives: May, 2018

Dragon Ball Z is the Greatest Science Fiction Anime* Of All Time

*This essay is strictly about the anime, not the manga. If anyone says, “But in the manga…” I will come to your house and punch you. As I did a little research for this essay, I searched for science fiction anime recommendations and checked the first five results. There were almost sixty different anime recommended […]

So What Happens if Donald Trump Doesn’t Concede in 2020?

When I learned that Gerald Ford pardoned Richard Nixon after he resigned, I was angry. It seemed like a very clear example of the powerful and politically connected getting off without punishment. The Mueller investigation of President Trump has given me an occasion to think more about that decision, and where we find ourselves politically […]

One Space or Two?

In November of 2017, I got a new job and it led to what felt to me like a major change in my writing. The new job has a one space after a period standard. Up until I took the job, I was a two space after a period kind of guy. Prior to November […]