Monthly Archives: November, 2018

The Maryland State Flag

A little while ago, I was watching a Baltimore Orioles game with my mom. The camera cut to a picture of the flags waving in the breeze. The Maryland state flag was among them, and before I knew it, I was asking, “How on Earth did Maryland wind up with such an ugly flag?” “It’s […]

The Loss of Optimism

I’m an optimistic person. I’m not unrealistic, but my natural assumption is that things will work out OK in the end. I don’t deny the bad things that happen, I just feel like we’ll be able to work through or past them. It works for me. It keeps me hopeful and looking forward. It extends […]

The White Suicide Attack Threat Will Get Much Worse

UPDATE 10/28/2020: I was wrong. President Trump is the person unifying the white supremacists and pushing them to violence. Please prepare yourselves for political violence in November and December. It’s been happening the whole time, and it will probably intensify. They are clearly planning to commit violent acts. Do what you need to in order […]

How I Lost my Dream Job

  George Will is one of my favorite writers. I almost never agree with what he has to say (although, to be fair, I’ve been pleasantly surprised when we do agree), but I love the quality and arrogance of his style. Will isn’t particularly concerned if you understand the words he uses, and in fact, […]