Monthly Archives: November, 2021

High Profile Criminal Cases

The OJ Simpson trial happened while I was in college. I completely didn’t care except for an annoyance at how inescapable it was. When they were going to announce the verdict, I made a bet with a friend. We wanted to see who could go the longest without learning the outcome of the trial. The […]

Quick Questions: Trials

This is something I’ve wondered for a long time. Why do we have our courts set up as an adversarial system? We have two opposing sides trying to convince 12 random citizens that their preferred trial outcome is right. If the point is to uncover the truth or serve justice or protect the public or […]

Quick Questions: Leave the Leaves

In my geographical area, and many others, a few things happen every fall: The leaves fall off the trees, we clean them up, the town collects them, and we are told that we’ve done a bad thing. I’m talking about the annual “Leave the Leaves” campaigns run by the Nation Wildlife Federation and The Audubon […]

The Solution to Democrats? More Democrats, Apparently

Another election day is in the books. As results for state and local elections roll in, conversations are already turning towards the 2022 national elections, where control of the U.S. Congress will be decided. Democrats are playing defense, hoping to maintain their slim advantage in the House and the tie (plus tie-breaking vote from Vice […]

My New CD Player

I just got a new CD player (the guy at the store would tell you it’s a 4K HD, Blu-ray, entertainment hub or something, but I got it to play CDs). It’s amazing. Revelatory. I don’t know how I’ve lived so long without one. I know that sounds weird. This isn’t 1988. I know no […]