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Quick Questions: Masks

What are the potential consequences of wearing masks a little bit longer than is absolutely necessary? What are the potential consequences of wearing masks for a little less time than is absolutely necessary? Share This:

Gas Prices: Taxes, Inflation, and a Little Bit about Ukraine

The embedded Tweet is from one of my state’s Senators, Richard Blumenthal. He used to be our state’s Attorney General. He made his name and career fighting against price gauging, rogue polluters, unfair labor practices, corruption, and things like that. Maybe he thinks that’s what he’s doing with this legislation. He would be wrong, but […]

Most Americans Have NOT Come Out of the Pandemic Ahead Economically

There’s this common occurrence where headlines have nothing whatsoever to do with the articles that they top. I’m fascinated by it. There are many ways to write badly but having a severely misleading title should be number one. Normally it is the case where the editor puts their own title on something, often without the […]

Are There Hobbies in Your Socialist Utopia?

My title probably sounds a little snarky and, to be fair, when I first asked it to a friend, I meant the snark. That’s no longer the case. I’ve been thinking about this for the past couple of weeks, and I’m now genuinely curious. For people who are hardcore, ardent socialism advocates, I want to […]

Writing Assistants

Pretty much every time I go online, I get ads for Grammarly. It’s actually one of the few targeted ads that I get that makes sense. I write a lot and I’ve been teaching others how to write for over a decade. But I find that the ads have the wrong effect on me. Every […]

Masks Again, Unfortunately

Connecticut (or at least its Governor) is looking at ending the school mask mandate at the end of February. Without putting too fine a point on it, that would be the stupidest possible decision the state could make regarding the pandemic. (One caveat, if there are a bunch of recent studies showing that mask wearing […]

Thank You, Jennifer, Whoever You May Be

Today is my birthday. A couple of days ago, I got a birthday card in the mail. An actual, physical, handwritten birthday card. It’s probably been twenty years since that’s happened. It was nice. It feels really good to get a card from someone who cares. It definitely made me smile. Then, I noticed something. […]

Punishment Is Not Justice

A few days ago, someone on Twitter posted a question. They asked if putting Donald Trump in prison would help begin the healing process for our country. I don’t know why, but I decided to answer the question and said, “No. It will just fire up his base.” (Don’t worry, I’ve learned my lesson. I […]

‘Tis Always the Season

I love Christmas- the spirit, the music, and the joy it inspires especially in children. You wouldn’t be able to tell from my living space though. I don’t put up decorations because it’s such a hassle. And at the top of that hassle list is the Christmas tree. We had a rather ornate tree when […]


I was playing I Declare War with a friend over the weekend, and getting my butt kicked. The problem was that when we came to a card war, the card I played to win it was the number 4. It happened so many times that I jokingly pointed it out, but after a while my […]