Monthly Archives: May, 2022

Anxiety Screenings in Children Eight and Up

The U.S. Preventative Services Task Force is recommending anxiety screenings for kids as talked about here: Why a US task force is recommending anxiety screening in kids 8 and older ( I think this is a wonderful idea. I have one hesitation which I’ll get to, but this is mostly a huge step towards acknowledging […]

I Cried at Work Today

This isn’t the kind of thing I’m normally inclined to write about. I’m not a crier. I’ll cry at funerals. The occasional book will get me. But I don’t cry at movies or weddings or any of the other places where people typically cry. Especially at work. There are lots of things that I steadfastly […]

Mental Health Awareness Week

Apparently, it’s Mental Health Awareness Week which happens during Mental Health Awareness Month. I must be a bad advocate. I had no idea. I found out through the morning announcements. And, get this, green is the Mental Health awareness color. At least that’s what I’m guessing since they asked us to wear green to support […]

Mental Health in Fiction

Given how hard it is to talk about, and write about, mental health, it seems like fiction, stories, might be the best way to get people to understand. So much of the way we talk about it is metaphorical and impressionistic after all. But I’ve noticed a dearth of good fiction that centers mental health. […]

Getting Help

One of the many frustrating things about mental health issues is that it is a lot harder than it ought to be to get help. This difficulty can be thought of as hurdles that need to be jumped. Unfortunately, the hurdles appear at nearly every point in the process of seeking help. They can be […]