Monthly Archives: September, 2022

I’ve Reached a Plateau

For those who don’t know, back in April, I had a major depressive episode. I was miserable. For a few weeks, my best days consisted of getting out of bed before noon and eating something before curling up on the couch for the rest of the day. I often struggled getting myself back upstairs to […]

Whose Responsibility?

The above meme was shared with a mental health group I’m part of on LinkedIn. This turned out to be rather controversial. Some people commented along the lines of “100% agree!” while others said the meme itself is triggering and has no place in a mental health forum. I see both sides clearly and don’t […]

Fiction Friday: “The Saiyans Arrive, Part 1”

Welcome to a new feature of Nutmegger Daily, Fiction Friday! Each week we’re going to try and post a work of fiction to compliment our typical nonfiction writing. We hope you enjoy the stories that we post here! TODAY’S STORY I started my writing career with Dragon Ball fanfiction, and it’s always been something I […]

Is ‘Mood Disorder’ a Good Name for What They Are? (In Progress)

A couple weeks ago, I posted an apology because I couldn’t get my Monday mental health piece written. I was talking to my therapist lately and she said that I should have posted what I did have written even though it wasn’t finished. It could provide insight both into the writing process and the depressed […]

All Applicants Should Be Anonymous

Applying for things sucks. And we have to apply for lots of things. We apply for jobs, schools, and clubs. We apply for loans, credit cards, and financial aid. We apply for scholarships, insurance, and governmental benefits. This isn’t a complete list, by any means, but it gives a good idea of the ubiquity of […]

A Sincere Question about Contemporary Pop Music

I just got home from a family vacation with two teens and two tweens. Throughout the trip, the young people controlled the music, so I heard a lot of contemporary pop music. I noticed something as I was listening. Many of the songs sounded as if they were incomplete. Not all of them, but a […]