Fucking Liars Man

I was talking to a Black friend about the election. I told her I didn’t vote because I didn’t like any candidate. She agreed, and said, “If I had voted, I would have voted for Trump.” I asked her why.

“Because he says what he’s really thinking. Biden and Harris with their pro-Black stuff just sounded fake. Like they were hiding what they really think.”

I thought about it for a moment. Trump does say what he feels- it just happens to be untrue 90% of the time. He believes what he says, which is how I know he’s my enemy. Biden? I don’t believe a word that leaves his mouth. I think he’s my enemy, but I can’t be sure. I get why she’d rather elect an openly antagonistic enemy than a lying, sneaky one.

It echoed a thought I’d had a few days ago, where I finally understood why so many people voted for a lying, racist, sexual abuser named Donald Trump. It’s the same reason more people voted for a lying, racist, sexual abuser named Joe Biden: fear. Maybe it does make sense to choose the person whose rampant lies are more obvious.

And the lies really are rampant. A big part of “Amtrack Joe’s” whole appeal is based on his middle-class upbringing- except that in reality, his grandfather was a wealthy oilman, his father was a failed businessman, and he began collecting a federal salary worth $250,000 in 2019 dollars at the age of 29. It’s all right here in a Forbes article from April of last year. What part of his life sounds “middle class” to you?

And then this dude has the audacity to ask working people for donations to run the government? THEY’RE CALLED TAXES. TRY PUTTING SOME ON YOUR BILLIONAIRE FRIENDS. The fuck? Sell one of your houses! Ask your buddy Barack for a loan! And what happens to all of those donations when the GSA eventually certifies the election and the money is released? Are you going to give the money back?

Take from the poor, give to the rich, all while lying through your teeth. What’s the difference here?

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