Quick Questions: Vaccines and GMOs

Before you get mad, try to think about this in the abstract. Don’t worry about what’s happening in the world, your political affiliations, or anything like that. What’s the difference between being anti-vaxx and anti-GMO?

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  1. Invisible Mikey's Gravatar Invisible Mikey
    August 20, 2021 - 4:12 pm | Permalink

    To me the obvious difference is that being anti-GMO is supported by a large, diverse consensus of nutritional scientists. Though there are economic influences driving pesticide and GMO use in each country or region, most people understand and accept that it’s a healthier way of eating, though sometimes more expensive.

    By contrast, being anti-vaxx requires first that you DENY the entire scientific consensus, and constantly question the motives of everyone who favors their use.

    Disease pathogens don’t care how anyone votes, or to what degree you modify behavior to mitigate transmission. Humans are just “food” to a germ. They adapt in order to “eat” you, right up to the point you kill or starve them out of existence.

    Vaccines are the cheapest, safest, most effective prophylactic medications ever developed by humans, a truly significant achievement in health technology. They aren’t available for most diseases, and not all patients can or should take them, but the ones that are available work better than “cures” AFTER you acquire a disease. Prevention costs far less than treatment.

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