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Blood Tests for Mental Health

Recent research is showing that it may be possible to diagnose mental health conditions through blood tests. It’s intriguing work. One of the most frustrating parts for patients with mental health issues is the process of diagnosing the condition. It’s a lot of trial and error and it takes a long time. Like with any […]

Provisional Diagnosis

I went to my doctor today.  After bleeding into a bunch of vials, wearing a Holter and peeing into a jug so they could do tests, I had to go over the results of those tests with the doctor.  The result was that everything looked normal.  My blood was normal, my heart was normal and […]

When Is It Good To Bleed?

I signed up to give blood.  They are having a blood drive at my office in a few days and I signed up to give.  I am utterly terrified.  This is the fourth time that I’ve signed up to give.  The first time, I turned a horrible ashen gray color and the nurse unhooked me.  […]