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I Dreamed a Dream Last Night

I almost never remember my dreams. It’s so rare that I wrote about it the last time I remembered a dream. That was December 30, 2019 (a pre-pandemic dream!). Well, it happened again last night. And this one was truly bizarre. It’s a bit jumbled and confused as dreams tend to be, but I’ll recreate […]

Dog Poop

The other day, I saw someone out walking her dog. The dog had just defecated, and she was bending down with a plastic bag to clean it up. No big deal. We all probably see similar scenes all the time. But, for whatever reason, this got me thinking about how much things have changed in […]

A Fable

The quick, brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. The dog was puzzled by this. He got up and walked over to the fox. “Why did you just do that?” he asked. “Because you were there,” was the fox’s answer. The dog then asked, “Will you jump over me again because now I am here?” […]