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Do You Feel It?

I recently wrote a three part mini-series. Part one was on the self. Part two was on knowing other people. Part three was on Santa Claus. The connecting thread was the fact that these are three things that are experienced, but it is unclear (to say the least) in what sense they are real. I […]

What Does Depression Feel Like?

Before I was dealing with my own depression, I knew people who were depressed and I often wondered what it was like.  I know the definition, a persistent low mood or loss of interest, but that doesn’t really say much.  At least it never helped me understand it.  Now that I have a pretty good […]

Getting Better

I think I’m doing a bit better than I was as far as my depression is concerned.  I’m certainly not great, nor am I where I want to be, but things seem better.  It’s another funny thing about depression.  It’s really hard to tell whether I’m better or not. I feel like I need a […]

I Am A Grass Widower

I got divorced this afternoon.  It was weird.  We went to the court house, signed some forms, waited for a while, then went before the judge.  We sat there while the judge read our agreement.  After that, we stood and swore to tell the truth.  Next, my Ex’s (that sounds weird) lawyer asked her a […]

Valentine's Day

I have often said that there is no thing more worthy of a holiday than love.  This, however, is not the dominant view.  Most people seem to see Valentine’s Day as the ultimate Hallmark Holiday.  People complain because they are single on Valentine’s Day or they complain because it creates obligations they don’t want.  It […]