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The Best Joke in the English Language

I love humor. I don’t mean that like in everyone’s “I love to laugh” dating profiles. Of course you like to laugh. Laughing is a physical expression of enjoyment and happiness. I mean that I love humor as a subject. I’ve studied it. I’m fascinated by it. And I’ve written about it. (Here, here, here, […]

Joke of the Day

At work, there is a “Joke of the Day” every morning. It’s a nice tradition. It gets almost every day off to a good start. Some recent examples are: What do you call a broke Santa? St. Nickel-less and What do you call Kris Kringle when he’s standing still? Santa Pause As you can see, […]

Trump and Comedy

The past four years have been pretty bad from almost any way you look at them. The world is less stable and secure than it has been since the eighties, at least. Racism and sexism and xenophobia and religious intolerance are all worse than they were four years ago. America is running concentration camps and […]

Philosophy Phridays – Philosophy of Humor

Philosophy Phridays is a series where each Friday, I go to the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, click on “random entry,” and then write about whatever comes up. This week’s random entry is Philosophy of Humor. Finally, one of these random entries is on a topic I’m legitimately interested in. I’ve actually read a good chunk of […]


Often at family dinners, the kids like to tell jokes. Some of them are funny and some aren’t, but that’s OK, we all have fun. Often they’re the same jokes that I told when I was a kid. A little while ago, my nephew told this joke: I have ten apples in this hand and […]

Something Unexpected Is Happening

As I mentioned in my last post, I wrote a book.  The name of the book is “What Happened to Mommy’s Boobs?”  I wrote the book to help a friend going through breast cancer treatments.  The proceeds are going to breast cancer research.  I really wasn’t expecting much.  I figured if I was lucky, I’d […]

My Book

I wrote a book. It was written for a friend with breast cancer and the proceeds are going to benefit breast cancer research. It’s available at Amazon here and I wrote a little something about it here.  Hopefully, you’ll check it out and we can help some people. Share This:


This is just a little experiment to see how to punctuate a quote within a quote within a quote within a quote and still have it be readable.  If anyone reads it, let me know what you think (about the punctuation):   Gene sidled into the writing center and saw Kerri. He approached her and […]

A Daylight Savings Conversation with Me, My Ten Month Old Daughter and Our Cat

This is the conversation as it actually occurred. Me: It’s time to go to sleep, sweetie. Daughter: But, Father, it’s still light outside. Why must I sleep? Me: Daylight savings started today. It’s your bedtime. And if you stay awake much longer, you won’t wake up on time tomorrow. Daughter: Daylight savings? How can that […]