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Getting Help

One of the many frustrating things about mental health issues is that it is a lot harder than it ought to be to get help. This difficulty can be thought of as hurdles that need to be jumped. Unfortunately, the hurdles appear at nearly every point in the process of seeking help. They can be […]


Yesterday, I had to get a prescription filled. I went to the pharmacy, and they told me that I was no longer covered by my insurance. I was confused, but it wasn’t the woman at the pharmacy’s fault, so I went home to straighten things out. I called the insurance company. After navigating a long […]

An Open Letter About Health Insurance

To whom it may concern, Like most Americans, my health is important to me. Also like most Americans, I am not wealthy. Put these two things together and that makes health insurance important to me. If anything serious happened, I could not pay for treatment without insurance. What’s worse, I wouldn’t even be able to […]

Apparently Teeth, Eyes and Minds Are Not Relevant to Health

I went to the dentist this morning.  The was nothing wrong, it was my semiannual cleaning.  Like most people who are lucky enough to have dental insurance, my dental insurance is not the same as my health insurance.  I have a separate insurance card for the dentist.  Mine happens to be the same provider as […]