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There is a stigma attached to mental illness.  I think virtually everyone knows it.  I also think that most will say that there should not be a stigma attached to mental illness.  Stigmas are tough to shake, though.  I don’t know that I have any answers to this problem, but I’m trying to tell myself […]

A Most Peculiar Ailment

This is a post about depression.  Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?  I’m in a bit of a strange spot right now.  I am pretty well educated about depression.  But, until recently, I never had a first person experience of it*.  The combination of prior education and current experience is weird when it comes to illness.  […]

Guns and Mental Illness

As I stated in yesterday’s post, after a mass shooting, there are always people who say that guns aren’t the problem, mental illness is the problem.  This bothers me because it is just a smokescreen used to prevent any real discussion of the real issues.  But it also bothers me for deeper reasons. Very generally, […]