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I’d Rather Not Know, But Am I Right About That?

I was in the grocery store and a guy walked past me wearing a Blue Lives Matter mask. I had a strong urge to tell him off right there in the store. Those who know me know that isn’t typical of me. As a rule, I don’t talk to strangers. I certainly don’t pick fights. […]

What’s the Hurry?

I got an email from the superintendent of the West Hartford Public Schools informing me that the school system will be fully reopening on March 17th. Saint Patrick’s Day. Next week. I’m utterly baffled. What’s changed? None of the kids are vaccinated yet. Most of their parents aren’t vaccinated yet. People are still dying of […]

Some Thoughts On The 2015 French Open

The 2015 French Open ended today.  Unfortunately, with the six hour time difference, I wasn’t able to watch much of the tournament.  I saw most of today’s men’s final and one of Serena’s early round matches, but that’s about it.  The rest of the two weeks I had to rely on highlights.  I do still […]