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Mental Health in Fiction

Given how hard it is to talk about, and write about, mental health, it seems like fiction, stories, might be the best way to get people to understand. So much of the way we talk about it is metaphorical and impressionistic after all. But I’ve noticed a dearth of good fiction that centers mental health. […]


Spiderman – No Way Home came out this weekend. I haven’t seen it yet. I’d like to at some point, but I’m busy and broke. What I have seen, though, is incessant chatter about spoilers. People asking, begging, and imploring others not to spoil the movie. Reviews labelled as spoiler-free or with spoiler cautions at […]

I’m Trying Something New and I’d Love Your Support

There is a new social media site called Simily. Its goal is to create a community of readers and writers. Their tagline is, “Experience great stories.” As a lover of great stories, that had me curious. I signed up and I like what I’ve seen so far. It turns out they are different than anything […]

Pigeon Review and the State of the Arts

Pigeon Review is a new literary and art journal. Their second set of stories was just released online, and I wrote one of them. I’m not writing this to plug my own story (Although it would make me happy if people read and enjoy it. It’s available here.) I want to plug Pigeon Review and […]

Christmas Stories

One of my favorite holiday traditions is the tradition of Christmas stories. I read “A Christmas Carol” every year. I love Frosty and Rudolph. I have The Grinch on CD and listen to it regularly. I also write stories. So one thing I really wanted to write this December is a Christmas story. I wrote […]