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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a huge philosophy geek. I love grappling with the questions and seeing what other people think about the questions. Some of it is really literary. It can be a thrilling read. But I also think of philosophy as a practical endeavor. I think it’s important to know why we do what we do and whether what we do is good or not. Other disciplines can help, but I find the philosophical approach both most enjoyable and most helpful. I have a very broad definition of philosophy. The word itself famously means love of wisdom, and I think philosophy is anything that can help bring us wisdom. I don’t care much if it’s a dialogue or treatise or essay or YouTube video or comic book.

Phlexible Philosophy is a fairly new website that, in large part, shares my love for, and vision of, philosophy. That’s why it was such a thrill when they published an essay of mine this past summer and another one in the fall. Now, I’ve joined the team. Aside from contributing the occasional article, I’m going to be editing content and helping to get it ready for publication. They also want me to keep an eye out for anyone with good ideas that might want to submit their own work.

It’s fair to say that I’m pretty geeked out about all this. I hope you’ll check it out and support us. I know lots of people don’t think they like philosophy, so I also hope you’ll give us the chance to change your minds. And if you have any ideas or thoughts, we’d love to hear them.

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