Black-Owned Businesses

Current events have led to a call to support Black-Owned Businesses. This has always been a good idea, so it’s nice that people are catching up. But I’ve got a small problem. News outlets, bloggers, and people on social media keep posting lists of Black-Owned Restaurants. That’s fine, but where are the black-owned law firms and insurance agencies and accounting firms? Where are the black-owned plumbers and electricians and auto mechanics? Are there any black-owned publishers or news outlets out there? With the coronavirus still lingering, I don’t exactly feel safe going to restaurants yet. But the next time I need something other than food, I’d like to help.

I spent some time searching and found two resources that are helpful. Official Black Wall Street has an app and website designed to help you find Black Owned Business nearby. And Black Enterprise has a list of the biggest Black Owned Businesses, in case you’re searching for something with a national or an international presence. I also thought that we here at Nutmegger Daily could try to help. If you know a Black-Owned Business we should support, put it in the comments to help spread the word. It’s even OK if it’s a restaurant.

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