DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Like everyone, I’ve consumed a lot of comic book properties throughout my life. I’ve usually enjoyed them, from Super Friends when I was little right up to the latest Marvel movie. I’m not picky, I enjoy DC and Marvel pretty much equally. And I’m just realizing that if I had to pick a favorite comic book adaptation, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow takes the prize easily.

The show is just great. Well, like a lot of shows, it had a very uneven first season. It took a good amount of time to find its footing, but once found, it has been as close to TV perfection as a show can get. For those who don’t know, Legends is, at it’s heart, a time travel show. It’s about a group of misfits who live on a time ship and fix problems with history. It leans into the absurdity of its premise and has a real sense of humor. But it can also be really heartfelt and affecting.

I don’t really have a lot to else to say except you should be watching this show. It’s the only show on TV that’s willing to be completely bonkers week in and week out. I can’t get enough of it.


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