Reading Books – A Continuing Project

Here at Nutmegger Daily we plan on having some ongoing projects.  Basically, we will explore something for a period of time rather than in one post.  This will allow us to share ideas differently.  It can be thought of like a good television series vs. a movie.  Neither is inherently superior, but they do different things.  If a regular post is like a movie, we hope these ongoing projects will be like a quality TV series.

The idea for this project came from watching Astroblast! with my daughter.  For those without young children, I should explain.  Astroblast! is a kids show about a group of anthropomorphic animals that run the Astroblast space station and a smoothie bar called the Frosty Star.  In the episode, Twice the Talent, the gang hosts a talent show.  The conflict of the episode arises because Comet, an outgoing, boisterous dog, and Sputnik, a reserved, bookish pig, decide to team up.  Unfortunately, they can’t find a talent that suits them both.  Thankfully, at the end, Sputnik has an idea that takes advantage of both of their talents.  She reads while Comet dramatizes the story.

Of all the characters on Astroblast!, I most identify with Sputnik.  I hadn’t ever thought about reading as a sharable talent before.  But, if Sputnik can do it, I want to give it a try.  However, I am not going to read my favorite book like Sputnik did.  Instead, I’m going to read books that are new to me and share the experience as I go.  I envision most entries will be short, almost like hot takes.  They will try to capture what was going through my head as I read.  Then, about once a week, or when I get to a good stopping point in the book, I will try to collect my thoughts more formally.  And then, at the end of the book, I will write a full length piece about the book.

I spent years working at a book store, so I have acquired many books that are still unread.  At least to start, this backlog will be my supply.  I’m planning on using nonfiction.  I thoroughly enjoy reading nonfiction and I’d like to spread the love.  Plus, nonfiction seems to suit my purposes a bit better.  This is a bit of an experiment, but I think it will be fun and I hope you join me.

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