Christmas Shopping

I’m a last minute kind of shopper. I don’t like shopping, so I put it off. I’ve been a little better since I’ve had a kid, but not great. Back at Thanksgiving, I felt like I had plenty of time. Then next thing I know it’s three days before Christmas and I still have things to buy. So, my brother and I went shopping on the Saturday before Christmas.

It was surprisingly not bad out there today. I had braced myself for difficulty parking, huge crowds and long lines, but we faced none of those things. There was a lot of traffic, but that was it. My brother successfully completed his shopping. I still have a couple more things to buy, but I’m close.

It makes me feel a little weird having such an easy experience. Part of me is happy not to have any problems, but the other half wonders what it means. It could be a sign that the economy is getting worse. It could be a sign that the internet has destroyed traditional retail. Or it could be a sign that most people were more on the ball than I was this year. I hope it was the third one.

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