December 2017

I want to see if I can manage a post a day for the month of December.  December seems like a good time to try it.  The main reason it seems like a good time is I really like Christmas.  I think I like Christmas as much as any non-Christian can.  If I’m desperate, I can probably come up with thirty posts just about Christmas music.  I can talk about Santa and reindeer and trees, there’s plenty of material.  But, hopefully not all of the posts will be about Christmas.  I like Chanukah, too.  And there’s a new Star Wars movie coming out.  I’m dreading it, but I’m going to see it and have opinions about it, so why not write about it?  Really my expectations are so low after Force Awakens that almost anything will be a pleasant surprise.  So I really think there will be plenty of material for a month’s worth of posts.  Hopefully the rest will be better than this.  I’m not really good at stream of consciousness.  Plus, it’s kind of cheating to write a post announcing my intention to write posts.  What can I say?  I guess I’m easing into it.

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