December 2018

Last December, I made a post a day for the month. I decided to try it again this year. And the good news is that Jamil is going to try to join me. I’m not as confident this year as I was last year. Last year we had a new Star Wars movie to generate some posts. This year we just have a normal December. But we’ll give it a go and see what happens.

If you need further proof about my lack of confidence, I’m starting the month with this, a post about my attempt to post every day. I know it’s a cop out. I promise to do better as the month goes on.

I’m also really hoping to write a Christmas story for one of my posts. I did it last year and enjoyed myself. I hope to make a new Christmas story something of a tradition.

So, wish us luck. And if you think of any good ideas for posts, please let us know.

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