Doctor Visits

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I had my annual physical yesterday. That’s not normally a huge deal. I mean, I get a little freaked out every year, but that’s only because I’m utterly terrified of all things medical. I’m told I suffer from Vasovagal Syncope, which is, “Fainting resulting from certain stressful triggers which lead to sudden drop in blood pressure and heart rate.” My stressful triggers are all medical such as blood, needles, etc., etc. Knowing this about myself, there are ways to manage it. I have some breathing techniques, a slight pain can keep the symptoms at bay, or I can do things to get my heart pumping. The net result is that, while I don’t ever like going to the doctor, I survive most visits without passing out.

Yesterday was a particularly stressful physical. My doctor retired last summer. This was the first physical I’ve had since I was twelve or thirteen with a different doctor. It’s amazing how much anxiety that created. The doctor appeared competent, was friendly and knowledgeable, and had a good bedside manner. That didn’t matter, though. When I got my flu shot, I got dizzy, the lights seemed to dim, and I had to lie down for a bit. It’s happened enough where I knew I was fine, but it’s still embarrassing (so, of course, I’m sharing).

It turns out, I’m in pretty good health for a middle-aged person. I’m hoping that extra layer of stress caused by change won’t be there at the next visit and I won’t have another episode. It had been a while before yesterday since I’d fainted. I’d like this current streak to be even longer.

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